Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a foreign player, affiliated to a different National Squash Federation. Which tournaments I can participate to and what are the conditions I need to comply with?

We are glad that you have decided to play in Romania. You need to provide an email from one of the representatives of the National Squash Federation you are affiliated to in order to confirm that you actually are affiliated and you comply with the health requirements, as defined in your country, to participate to competitions. This email needs to be forwarded to Then, you need to pay a one time registration tax.

To register for a competition, you need to email the Tournament Director, as it is provided in the official invitation.

You can participate to any tournament, except for the Romanian Cup and the Romanian National Championship.

You will pay separately the tournament fee.

2. I am a foreign player, but I am not affiliated to any federation. Which tournaments I can participate to and what are the conditions I have to comply with?

You need to contact a Romanian club in order to become an affiliated player. In our view, club doesn’t mean a squash venue with courts, club is a sports association member of the Romanian Squash Federation. First step will be to fill in an affiliation request, provide an electronic and a hard copy photo of you and send everything to the club of your choice. Then you need to pay for the affiliation and annual sports visa either by using your credit/debit card online, or by bank transfer. The federation will send the player card to you through your club and you will need to apply for a health certification. You can find on our website the list of available sport clinics in the country.

Your club will register you to the tournament. You are allowed to participate to any tournament, except for the Romanian National Championship.

3. I want to participate to the Team National Championship. Is it possible?

Yes it is, but mind these two aspects: if you are not a player affiliated to the Romanian Squash Federation through a Romanian Club, you are allowed to play only if your National Federation or Club agrees to lend you to a Romanian Club. Even so, the Romanian Club may borrow maximum one male and one female players. And a borrowed player needs to have played at least two Romanian individual tournaments in order to be validated as a player participating to the Romanian Team National Championship.

Should you have additional questions, please feel free to ask: